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About Airpack

The core business of Airpack is manufacturing custom made, turn-key compressor, dryer and nitrogen generators installations for the oil & gas industry around the world. Airpack designs, engineers and builds all of their packages according to the requirements of the customer within their facilities in Zierikzee form which each package is accordingly transported by sea, truck, train or plane to its final destination.

Industry: Oil & Energy
Company size: SME
Location: The Netherlands
Standards: ISO 9001
Implementation time: 1 month

Moving Airpack to an online QA System

Like a lot of other companies, Airpack used Word and Excel to keep up their Quality System. The disadvantage of this system is that you lose the overview quickly. At a certain point, the overviewer is creating a list to keep up with other lists. There’s no overview. Airpack chose Qooling because they liked that you can adjust the system to your own wishes.

Improving the Quality System

Since Airpack started using Qooling, they have experienced numerous benefits. The first one is that it is easier to follow improvement processes. Also, revision of documents and procedures is so much easier now. With the data coming out of Qooling, it is much easier to follow if tasks are executed. After a while (depending on the type of improvement process), a check follows after which the issue can be closed or a follow-up action can be planned. Airpack use the analysis from Qooling for their management review.

Audits with Qooling

Issues from internal and external audits are put in Qooling, so they will not be forgotten. Airpack shows the auditors what they want to see and only what is necessary straight within Qooling. Partly through the use of Qooling, Airpack has now been approved by an important customer. In the past Airpack, didn’t expect to meet their requirements, now with Qooling they did. Also the auditors are very happy with the analysis you can get out of the program.

Implementation Process

The “installation” of Qooling is not that much work, it took about two days. It took a couple of months before the platform was completely integrated in the day-to-day work of the people, but then it works perfectly. The implementation of procedures including flowcharts can take some time but Qooling can help with that. This is when you know how it works and if you want to make it look good. Together with Qooling, Airpack is continuously improving their Quality Management System. Moreover, the possibilities in Qooling has expanded enormously over time.

Qooling Staff

Airpack is really satisfied with Qooling. The improvement process that Qooling and Airpack have gone through the last few years is good. Qooling works with the problems and wishes a customer has and gets started right away with these wishes. In the meantime, everyone in the company, even the management, is used to working with Qooling.

All the employees have benefits from Qooling. So, when you are looking for a flexible system with an extraordinary back-up, then you need Qooling!

“Partly due to the use of Qooling, we have now been approved by an important customer!"

Lianne de Waal

Quality Manager

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