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About Bectro

Bectro contributes to functional, comfortable and safe buildings: offices, hospitals, hotels, shops, schools, healthcare institutions and homes. They do this with the design, realization and management of all building installations and infrastructures.

Industry: Construction
Company size: SME
Location: The Netherlands
Standards:ISO 9001: 2015, VCA
Implementation time: 3 Weeks

From Paper to Online Platform

The QMS within Bectro was divided into different systems. The processes and the documents were all stored in a document management system. The toolboxes, inspections, and incidents were done on paper, and registered on an Excel overview.

The toolboxes, inspections, and incidents on paper didn’t always have a follow up. This was the biggest challenge for Bectro. The forms within the document management system that they used were troublesome, because they were pre-defined and there was no way of registering the toolboxes.

Bectro was searching for a solution with as many tools as possible to manage the QHSE and to do the toolboxes digitally. They came across Qooling and saw the ease of use and completeness of the platform.

Increase of Engagement

The toolboxes and workplace inspections within Bectro have really improved since the implementation of Qooling. Bectro saves a lot of valuable time on registrations of inspections and toolboxes with the use of the Qooling platform. Therefore, they made all their toolboxes digital in the e-learning module.

Registering and monitoring NCRs and incidents are now much easier to carry out. There is a better overview of the incidents, which gives Bectro better data to make decisions. The simple and easy-to-use Qooling platform created an increase in engagement of the QHSE management system within Bectro.


The implementation of the Qooling platform went smoothly and very quickly. Bectro and Qooling had to clear out the types of users to use first. After that, it took 3 weeks to implement the first phase from signing the contract to be up and running. All layers of Bectro embraced Qooling, because it is so user friendly.


The collaboration between Bectro and Qooling was pleasant from all angles. The staff of Qooling are very experienced and think along with the needs of Bectro. This made the implementation very quick. Bectro would most definitely recommend Qooling and score it a 9 out of 10.

"Bectro saves a lot of valuable time on registrations of inspections and toolboxes with the use of the Qooling platform."

Margot Niekus

Quality Manager

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