HSE Management Solution

Streamlining Health, Safety, and Environmental Management with Innovation and Precision.

  • Robust Risk Management Tools
  • Easy Incident Reporting and Analysis
  • Comprehensive Training and Awareness Programs
  • Data-Driven Performance Tracking for Continuous Improvement
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Qooling QHSE Management platform in the construction industry

Benefits of Choosing Qooling for Your HSE Management Needs

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Compliance and Regulatory

Qooling’s HSE Management Solution helps you manage compliance, or the need to meet certain rules and standards in your industry, in an easy and effective way. With our user-friendly dashboard, you can see important compliance data at a glance and make smart decisions. We have built-in automatic processes that replace manual tracking, which means fewer mistakes and more accuracy. The system will also send reminders about important dates so you never miss any compliance requirements. Qooling also makes preparing for audits straightforward with centralized, easily-accessible documentation, and helps businesses demonstrate their due diligence to regulatory authorities.

Risk Management

Qooling empowers organizations to identify and manage risks proactively. The platform allows for efficient hazard identification, risk assessment, and implementation of controls and preventive measures. Qooling’s user-friendly interface encourages all employees to participate in risk detection, fostering a proactive safety culture.

Incident Management and Reporting

With Qooling, incident reporting becomes easier than ever. Employees can quickly report incidents or near-misses via the platform, triggering automatic notifications to relevant personnel. Qooling also supports thorough investigation, root cause analysis, and corrective action planning, ensuring that the same incidents do not reoccur.

Training and Awareness

Qooling offers a central hub for managing and tracking employee training records, ensuring that every member of your team is aware and educated about HSE responsibilities. It also allows for the creation and distribution of awareness programs and materials. Qooling ensures that your organization maintains a well-informed workforce that can act in compliance with HSE requirements.

HSE Management Solution
HSE Management Solution

Continous Improvement and Performance Tracking

Qooling supports continuous improvement by tracking and analyzing HSE metrics, helping identify areas of strength and potential improvement. This data-driven approach allows businesses to set and track performance indicators, measure progress, and benchmark against industry standards. With Qooling, you can ensure your HSE efforts align with your overall business objectives and drive improvement where it’s most needed.

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HSE Management Certificates

Qooling supports a wide range of HSE Management certificates to ensure your organization meets the highest industry standards:

Trusted by Industry Leaders

“The setup and implementation was very structured. The platform feels a lot like Lego. You get the building block and can configure it the way you like it.”

Coen WeijersTMA Logistics

“Qooling is very easy-to-use, which leads to high adoption within the organization because they can all leverage the way that suits them the most.”

Natascha KoevoetsMammoet Road Cargo





Estron Group

Estron Group




Waste Management

All HSE Management Tools included


Make it easy for employees to file a NCR or Issue with our user friendly mobile app


The Qooling platform completely takes care of version control for you with automated document control


Divide the critical CAPA’s to prevent certain NCR’s or Issues from happening again


Always be ready for an audit. Create an auditplan within hours


Get notified when inspection or calibration needed. No more unsafe tools

Check lists

Create own flexible check list with a simple drag and drop


Create own surveys with a simple drag and drop


Create own online training and distribute within the company


Allows you to easily create customizable forms by selecting a template, making it ready for immediate use in meeting your quality requirements.


Overview of employees, including roles, job descriptions, training attendance, and advanced features like search, filtering, and crosstable creation.


A centralized hub for QHSE performance data, aggregating and presenting graphs of tasks and issues.


Deliver instant notifications & direct messaging for swift distribution of critical updates, enhancing team communication.

Manage Your HSE with Qooling

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