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About Smepro

Smepro produces forgings and castings in many variations including standard steel alloys, stainless steel, duplex steel, nickel and nickel-based steel. We also supply castings according to your own material specifications. Quantities can range from single pieces to small and mid-sized series of forgings and castings. Production of the forgings and castings is followed by the required heat treatment and checks in order to guarantee the highest levels of quality.

Industry: Production
Company size: SME
Location: Elst, The Netherlands

Standards: ISO 9001
Implementation time: 3 days

Smepro before Qooling

Like many other companies, Smepro used an Excel and Word-based quality management system before. In addition, they had themselves written a program in which product deviations were registered. This created too many administrative tasks in different applications. The system they had tailor-made turned out to be too cumbersome and therefore unworkable. Smepro chose Qooling because of its simplicity, there is good communication with the company and all the quality-related data can be aggregated on one single platform.

Contribution from Qooling

At Smepro, Qooling has made an important contribution to improving the quality system, such as making the quality management digital, transparent and an easy digital maintenance and inspections list. Not only has documenting everything related to quality management been made easier, the simple use of an improvement process has also become a lot easier thanks to Qooling.


Audits have never been a problem at Smepro. The preparation used to take a lot more time and that has become less with Qooling. Smepro also received a compliment from TÜV. They expressed their appreciation during the external audit and were very impressed with Qooling.

Qooling Staff

The implementation of Qooling went completely smoothly. What Smepro liked about the collaboration was that everything was already set up in the background. When the moment arrived and they were able to log in, everything had already been arranged. Even transferring Smepro’s own quality manual. The collaboration with Qooling is fantastic. They know of no other company that responds to questions so quickly. Due to the good experience with Qooling, Smepro would certainly recommend the product to business relations.

"Experience is only positive, at management level, but certainly also among the rest of the employees."

Rudi Assink

Quality Manager

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