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About Kornelis

Ever since Kornelis was established more than 75 years ago, we have developed and produced closures and closing concepts in Steenwijk, the Netherlands. We offer a wide range of standard caps and are very experienced in the development of bespoke solutions. We have a dedicated team of specialists and within the company, our own tool shop, to ensure a short time to market. We aim to innovate within the packaging industry to ensure clients receive the best solution possible; within budget, on time, and with excellent after sales support.

Industry: Production
Company size: SME
Location: Steenwijk, The Netherlands

Standards: ISO 9001, FSSC22000
Implementation time: a few days

Moving to an Online Quality Platform

Kornelis mainly used Excel and Word to track parts of their quality management system in the past. The main disadvantage of this management system was that almost all employees could get inside all the files. As a result, there was miscommunication and not all agreements could be guaranteed, such as that a case could be closed when not everything had been completed. Also, in order to set up reporting from all different systems and Excel sheets, everything needed to be connected to Power BI. With the use of Qooling, all these problems are a thing of the past and only one connection between Qooling and Power BI is needed.

Why Qooling

In addition to the fact that the price-quality ratio and the user-friendliness were major aspects of the choice for Qooling, Kornelis also saw from the first moment that the system of Qooling was built with knowledge in the field of QHSE. Partly because several people within the company were enthusiastic about Qooling, they chose to work with the platform. In addition, Kornelis considers it important that there should be short lines between the company and the stakeholders. At Qooling, these lines are short and there is great collaboration between Kornelis and Qooling. In addition, their helpdesk works quickly and is well informed. When an employee becomes a new user within Kornelis, this person quickly works independently and finds Qooling user-friendly.

The Use of Qooling

With the use of Qooling, the quality system of Kornelis is more structured. At the time of writing, Kornelis has had one customer audit. During this audit, they noticed that there were few questions after the customers saw Qooling at work. The quality management system ensures that within Kornelis, everything in the field of QA is more structured, the documents can be found faster and there are no more open ends anymore.


The implementation of Qooling was easy and fast. After some explanation about how the system works, everyone at Kornelis can work independently. The implementation itself took little time, just a few days. Kornelis did not start shadow registration in the old system. Users were created when needed and initiated by the team. This way, employees get really motivated to use Qooling to make their lives easier.

"I had the platform assessed in several layers of the company to find out how it was received. Partly due to the enthusiasm, I decided that this would be the right medium that suits us"

Willem Koppel

Quality Manager

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