Food Safety Management Solution

Transforming Food Safety Management into a Smooth, Compliant, and Fully Traceable Process.

  • Effortless HACCP Compliance
  • Comprehensive Training Management
  • Assured Supplier Quality
  • Robust Traceability
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Qooling QHSE Management platform in the food industry

Benefits of Choosing Qooling for Your Food Safety Management

Food Safety Solution

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Compliance

It’s important for any food production or handling entity to be compliant with this standard. Qooling helps manage and document the various processes involved in HACCP, such as identifying potential hazards, determining critical control points, and monitoring control procedures.

Food Hygiene and Training

Good personal hygiene practices among staff and correct food handling are essential in preventing foodborne illnesses. Qooling helps with training management, tracking which employees have completed specific training sessions, and reminding when refreshers are due. It can also host digital versions of hygiene guidelines for easy reference.

Supplier and Raw Material Quality Assurance

Ensuring the quality and safety of raw materials from suppliers is a key part of food safety. Qooling helps by enabling easy documentation of supplier audits, maintaining supplier qualification records, and by notifying when supplier audits are due.

Traceability Management

It’s crucial to be able to trace every ingredient used in a food product to its source, and to have effective recall procedures in place in case of a problem. Qooling’s document management capabilities can ensure all relevant information is available and up to date.

Recall Management Enhancement through Audit Trails

Qooling plays a pivotal role in recall management by providing robust audit trail capabilities. These audit trails are crucial for tracing a product’s lifecycle, enabling quick identification and action in the event of a recall. This feature ensures rapid and efficient management of affected products, maintaining compliance with food safety regulations. The transparent and accessible log of all activities and changes within Qooling aids in effective crisis response, safeguarding consumer health and brand integrity.

Food Safety Solution
Food Safety Solution

Continuous Improvement and Audits

The ability to identify, document, and address non-conformities is fundamental in any Food Safety Management System, as is regular internal and external auditing. Qooling’s system streamline the process of scheduling audits, documenting findings and tracking corrective and preventive actions (CAPA).

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Food Safety Management Certificates

Qooling supports a wide range of Food Safety Management certificates to ensure your organization meets the highest industry standards:

Trusted by Industry Leaders

"Qooling provides an accessible platform for our production environment to report deviations, improvement points, complaints, incidents etc. Clear charts and trend analysis. The guidance from Qooling to the users during implementation is particularly pleasant."

Daphne HopFoppen Seafood

“Partly due to the use of Qooling, we have now been approved by an important customer!"

Lianne de WaalQuality Manager at Airpack





Kornelis Caps & Closures

Kornelis Caps & Closures





All Food Safety Management Tools included


Make it easy for employees to file a NCR or Issue with our user friendly mobile app


The Qooling platform completely takes care of version control for you with automated document control


Divide the critical CAPA’s to prevent certain NCR’s or Issues from happening again


Always be ready for an audit. Create an auditplan within hours


Get notified when inspection or calibration needed. No more unsafe tools

Check lists

Create own flexible check list with a simple drag and drop


Create own surveys with a simple drag and drop


Create own online training and distribute within the company


Allows you to easily create customizable forms by selecting a template, making it ready for immediate use in meeting your quality requirements.


Overview of employees, including roles, job descriptions, training attendance, and advanced features like search, filtering, and crosstable creation.


A centralized hub for QHSE performance data, aggregating and presenting graphs of tasks and issues.


Deliver instant notifications & direct messaging for swift distribution of critical updates, enhancing team communication.

Manage Your Food Safety with Qooling

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