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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

In order to provide the best possible and most convenient experience, most websites make use of cookies. Cookies are a clever technique to reach this user-friendly goal. They are for example used to make sure you stay logged in to a website or to keep track of settings such as the language or location. On top of this, cookies allow website administrators to improve the website based on the actions users take on the website.

Cookies & Qooling

Like most other websites, Qooling also makes use of cookies. In this document we explain what kind of cookies we use.

Functional Cookies

Functional Cookies are used to guarantee the best possible experience for you as the visitor of the website. Functional cookies store for example a user’s preferences and their login status. These cookies are always used because it is impossible to use Qooling without these cookies. It is important to know that these cookies don’t contain any personal details.

Analytical Cookies

In order to decide how we can improve the experience for users, we make use of Google Analytics & Hotjar.  Google Analytics & Hotjar allows us to monitor the number of visitors and which parts of the website are used most frequently. This way we can see which parts can be improved. In order to reach this goal, we make use of analytical cookies. The raw data from these is then modified to statistical data.

This statistical data gives us vital information to bring Qooling to the next level. All the data and overviews do not contain any data that can be tracked to individual people. Analytical data does not process any, or very limited, personal information.

Social Media Cookies

Some parts of Qooling websites allow you to share articles very easily on social media via the share button. In order for these buttons to function, social media companies place cookies. This allows these companies to recognise that you are the user that would like to share the article.

Regarding the cookies of these companies we would kindly request you to check the cookie policy of the particular social media platform you use. Qooling doesn’t have any influence on these policies.

Advertisement Cookies

Qooling makes use of third party advertising platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Capterra and Facebook in order to guide you to our website. These cookies are used to provide the most relevant content to you.

Other Third Party Cookies

Due to the way the world wide web functions it is very likely we don’t have a clear overview of all the cookies at any given time. This can for example be the case when other content is embedded on our website. Embedded is content that comes from another website but is shown on our website.

Deletion of Cookies

Cookies are stored on your computer locally which mean you can delete them whenever you feel like it. Deleting them is relatively easy. Simply click on the link of the browser you use and follow the instructions. However, keep in mind that you will need to select your preference when you delete them.

When you don’t want any cookies stored on your website you can change your browser settings in order to get a notification whenever a cookie is installed. However, when you choose to ‘not agree’ with these cookies, we cannot provide you with the service Qooling offers because it is crucial in order to reach the operational goals for which Qooling is used.


Our core value is making our customers happy. We do whatever it takes to make you happy, and sometimes this can go wrong. When you have such an experience you can always contact us. If however you would prefer to file your complaint with the appropriate authorities you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


In case you have any questions regarding this policy or the way we handle your data, feel free to contact us at: