QHSE Management Solution

Empowering your business with a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for all your Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) management needs.

  • Simplified Compliance Management for Global Standards.
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Mitigation.
  • Real-time Incident Reporting and Investigation.
  • Efficient Tracking and Management of Employee Training.
  • Robust Tools for Sustainable and Environment-friendly Operations
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Benefits of Choosing Qooling for Your QHSE Management Needs

QHSE Management Solution

Compliance Management

Qooling automates the complex process of maintaining compliance with global and local QHSE standards. By offering features like automated documentation, alerts, and tracking of compliance deadlines, Qooling simplifies adherence to standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. It provides real-time visibility into your compliance status, eliminating manual tracking and reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Risk Assesment & Management

With Qooling’s comprehensive risk assessment tools, businesses can easily identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential risks. The platform allows for the generation of risk matrices and the implementation of appropriate management strategies. Its intuitive dashboard provides a holistic view of risks, making it easier to prioritize and manage them effectively.

Incident Reporting & Investigation

Qooling streamlines the process of incident reporting and management. It enables real-time reporting, tracking of incident resolution progress, and tools for root cause analysis. Its easy-to-use interface encourages everyone in the organization to report incidents as soon as they occur, promoting a proactive safety culture. The platform’s analytic tools also help in understanding incident trends and preventing future occurrences.

Training & Competence

Qooling simplifies the process of tracking and managing employee training. It allows for the efficient scheduling of training, reminders for upcoming sessions, and verification of competencies. By centralizing all training records, Qooling helps you ensure all staff members are properly trained and competent in their roles, facilitating a robust QHSE culture.

QHSE Management Solution
QHSE Management Solution

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Qooling helps businesses monitor and minimize their environmental impact. By providing tools to manage waste, monitor carbon footprint, and comply with environmental regulations, Qooling supports your sustainability goals. It aids in tracking environmental KPIs and helps you demonstrate your commitment to responsible business practices.

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QHSE Management Certificates

Qooling supports a wide range of QHSE Management certificates to ensure your organization meets the highest industry standards:

Trusted by Industry Leaders

"With Qooling, all information is centrally stored and accessible to everyone. This creates a much better overview and insight for the right decisions."

Petra RutjensDL Logistics

"Bectro saves a lot of valuable time on registrations of inspections and toolboxes with the use of the Qooling platform."

Margot NiekusBectro








R.M.I. Global Logistics Services

R.M.I. Global Logistics Services


All QHSE Management Tools included


Make it easy for employees to file a NCR or Issue with our user friendly mobile app


The Qooling platform completely takes care of version control for you with automated document control


Divide the critical CAPA’s to prevent certain NCR’s or Issues from happening again


Always be ready for an audit. Create an auditplan within hours


Get notified when inspection or calibration needed. No more unsafe tools

Check lists

Create own flexible check list with a simple drag and drop


Create own surveys with a simple drag and drop


Create own online training and distribute within the company


Allows you to easily create customizable forms by selecting a template, making it ready for immediate use in meeting your quality requirements.


Overview of employees, including roles, job descriptions, training attendance, and advanced features like search, filtering, and crosstable creation.


A centralized hub for QHSE performance data, aggregating and presenting graphs of tasks and issues.


Deliver instant notifications & direct messaging for swift distribution of critical updates, enhancing team communication.

Manage Your QHSE with Qooling

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