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About TMA Logistics

TMA Logistics is a globally known logistics company that provides full-service solutions wether your transport over sea, rail or road. They can handle almost any kind of cargo like containers, breakbulk, project cargo or RoRo. With 200+ employees and strategically located terminals in Amsterdam, Velsen and Harlingen and is an expert in Logistics.

Industry: Logistics
Company size: SME
Location: The Netherlands
Standards:  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRC, VCA**/VCU, GMP+FSA, ISO 22000
Implementation time: 2 months

Moving TMA to an Online Platform

TMA Logistics was used to working with Word and Excel when it came to their quality and safety management system. This solution cost a lot of time and was mainly a manual activity. It also prevented TMA from making useful connections between certain databases. After years of working this way TMA decided it needed an easily deployable, easily customizable and user-friendly solution. Hence, the need for an online quality and safety management solution.

Up and Running

The Qooling Team helped TMA with getting up to speed with the platform. Three days were planned over the course of the implementation to train the team and show everything that is possible. After those three days the team within TMA was able to complete the setup of their own management system and use it in the way it adds the most value to them.

From paper forms to digital forms

Qooling has ensured that most of the data out of Excel and paper documents has been automated and digitalized. Thanks to this step, TMA has a much better insight into this data and can more easily analyze the data. The default graphs help a lot to get this insight and lead to a clear analysis of what is going on.

“The freedom to create your own customised graphs helps a lot when analyzing the data”

Time Winning Software

The biggest win thanks to Qooling is in the registration of incidents and inspections. Previously employees lost a lot of time by manually filling in the forms on paper and sending them to the office.

The complete incident management process has now been automated and optimized significantly thanks to the platform. Now the employees can file the incident on their mobile app including a picture. This improvement saves TMA about 1.5 hours per incident. The safety inspections are automatically planned on a monthly basis and filled in on the mobile app.

”The setup and implementation was very structured. The platform feels a lot like Lego. You get the building block and can configure it the way you like it."

Coen Weijers

Quality & Safety Manager

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