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About Dosco PetroServices

Dosco Petro Services is an established name in the Oil & Gas industry and has over 35 years of experience. With a worldwide customer base consisting of almost all major oil and drilling companies, they provide their customers with quality rental equipment, supplies and services. Dosco Petro Services attaches great value to a long-term relationship in which, quality, safety and reliability are their most important obligations.

Industry: Oil & Energy
Company size: Medium
Location: Romania
Standards:  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
Implementation time: 2 weeks

Dosco from Excel and Word to Qooling

Initially Dosco PetroServices used Microsoft Office systems such as Word and Excel to keep their documentation up to date. This method resulted in unaware changes within their management system, and wrongly used documentation. The necessary retyping of data created room for human errors. Moreover, the documentation in Word and Excel also ensured that a lot of time was lost searching for the right documents within the quality management system.


The quality department was confronted daily with the problems mentioned above, creating the need for a different approach towards managing their quality management system. That’s why Dosco PetroServices made the decision to further improve and digitalise current work processes and procedures. Based on this need, they sought a platform that best suited them and could help them solve this problem, and in this case it was Qooling.

Improved Document System

Since Dosco PetroServices uses the online solution of Qooling, they no longer experience any problems regarding document management. Quality managers now have real-time insight into their quality system and are therefore up-to-date on the latest changes. Another major advantage is that reports created on the mobile application are also immediately visible to management.

Fast Implementation

Uploading the current documentation was very simple, meaning that the entire implementation process took barely two weeks. The documents from Word and Excel can be uploaded easily and completely, so that no information is lost in the process.

Great Customer Support

The good co-operation and support during and after the implementation phase is something we are very satisfied with. From the first contact with Qooling, they always managed to response within 24 hours and are always open to make improvements where necessary.

"Document control is very good, the managers are informed about everything that is happening all the time, also on the mobile app"

Bogdana Anghelescu


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