Qooling Connect

Integrate Qooling within your IT landscape with Qooling Connect.


Qooling Connect enables you to integrate Qooling needly into your IT landscape. With Qooling Connect you can let internal business processes flow seamlessly between different IT solutions and maintain consistent data over different IT solutions.


Qooling Connect comes with Okta SSO integration for easier login and user management.

Azure AD

Qooling Connect comes with Azure AD SSO integration.


Connect Qooling to AFAS for easy data transfer with respect to for example employee or project data.

Filemaker Pro

Qooling Connect easily connects with Filemaker Pro to sync production data with Qooling.


Qooling Connect integrates with Salesforce for a better customer complaint management.

Qooling Connect

Custom Connection

Qooling Connect API allows you to connect your own on-prem or other SaaS solutions.

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