ESG Management Solution

Qooling: Empowering your sustainable future through comprehensive ESG Management.

  • Streamline your ESG strategy with actionable insights
  • Track and reduce your environmental impact effectively
  • Foster social responsibility through real-time metrics
  • Enhance transparency with comprehensive ESG reporting
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ESG Management with Qooling

Benefits of Choosing Qooling for Your ESG Management Needs

Quality Management Solution

Environmental Sustainability

Qooling’s platform provides tools for efficient environmental impact assessment and management. Our solution allows organizations to track their carbon emissions, resource use, and waste generation. This granular insight helps businesses set, track, and meet their sustainability targets while ensuring compliance with global and local environmental regulations. With Qooling, your organization can achieve its green objectives effectively.

Social Responsibility

Qooling ensures that businesses are not just financially but also socially accountable. You can create your own forms and KPIs at our platform for tracking of key metrics around employee welfare, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement. You can monitor labor standards compliance, ensure fair supply chain practices, and assess the impact of your operations on local communities. Qooling ensures that your company’s values translate into tangible, measurable actions.

Corporate Governance

Qooling streamlines your governance structures by enabling transparency, risk management, and ethical business conduct. Our solution provides a centralized, secure platform for document management, policy updates, and compliance tracking. With customizable dashboards and real-time alerts, Qooling empowers you to prevent corporate misconduct, manage risks proactively, and maintain the trust of your stakeholders.

ESG Reporting & Transparency

Qooling revolutionizes your ESG reporting by bringing all ESG data under one roof. Our platform allows you to track, analyze, and report on your ESG performance with accuracy and ease. You can generate detailed, customizable reports that highlight your progress and commitment to sustainable, responsible operations. With Qooling, you can share your ESG journey with stakeholders confidently and transparently. Qooling has ready to use templates to make it easy for you

ESG Management Solution
ESG Management Solution

Stakeholder Engagement

Qooling provides the tools for effective stakeholder engagement by enabling companies to collect, analyze, and act on feedback from various stakeholders. Through the platform, companies can communicate their ESG strategies and achievements to stakeholders transparently, further building trust and loyalty. By facilitating regular engagement with stakeholders, Qooling helps companies identify emerging risks and opportunities, anticipate market changes, and respond proactively to stakeholders’ concerns and expectations.

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ESG Management Certificates

Qooling supports a wide range of ESG Management certificates to ensure your organization meets the highest industry standards:

Trusted by Industry Leaders

"Quality and Safety is super important for GAC NL. Our goal was for all employees to play an active role in our management system, and with Qooling this certainly succeeded!"

Ferry BruggelingQHSE Manager at GAC

“Qooling provides an accessible platform for our production environment to report deviations, improvement points, complaints, incidents etc. Clear charts and trend analysis. The guidance from Qooling to the users during implementation is particularly pleasant."

Daphne HopFoppen Seafoods








The Hitma Group

The Hitma Group


All ESG Management Tools included


Make it easy for employees to file a NCR or Issue with our user friendly mobile app


The Qooling platform completely takes care of version control for you with automated document control


Divide the critical CAPA’s to prevent certain NCR’s or Issues from happening again


Always be ready for an audit. Create an auditplan within hours


Get notified when inspection or calibration needed. No more unsafe tools

Check lists

Create own flexible check list with a simple drag and drop


Create own surveys with a simple drag and drop


Create own online training and distribute within the company


Allows you to easily create customizable forms by selecting a template, making it ready for immediate use in meeting your quality requirements.


Overview of employees, including roles, job descriptions, training attendance, and advanced features like search, filtering, and crosstable creation.


A centralized hub for QHSE performance data, aggregating and presenting graphs of tasks and issues.


Deliver instant notifications & direct messaging for swift distribution of critical updates, enhancing team communication.

Manage Your ESG with Qooling

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