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About Weijerseikhout

Weijerseikhout is the total specialist in pitched roofs. The roof innovators started 60 years ago on the roof and during that time they have developed into a partner for the pitched roof. As a partner, they fulfill an inspiring, advisory, and executive role. They also design and take care of the engineering of their roof systems. By having the most innovative techniques in-house, they add value in all phases of a project.

Industry: Construction
Company size: SME
Location: The Netherlands

Standards: Safety Culture Ladder
Implementation time: 2 Months

All-in-One Platform

Quality and safety is one of the most important topics for Weijerseikhout. The QHSE management system was already cloud-based and completely set up with the online tool Zoho package. However, the setup with this QHSE management system was slow, did not work in offline mode, and there were limited options to adjust the package to the wishes of the company.

Weijerseikhout was looking for a complete QHSE management system with various functionalities. A platform with all the tools in one platform.

More Data Because of User Friendliness

Quality and safety is now getting more attention within Weijerseikhout because of the implementation of the Qooling QHSE management platform. The forms are easy to create and make it easier for everyone to fill them out. This results in more entries and more data to analyze.

The Qooling QHSE management platform creates a clear overview and insight of the QHSE system within Weijerseikhout. The better overview makes it possible to make data-driven decisions.


The implementation of the platform took about 2 months in total with 4 meetings. This went smoothly and the users immediately picked up the way of working. Weijerseikhout expected that implementing Qooling would take quite some time, but through hard work and good cooperation, this implementation took just a couple of months.


The collaboration between Qooling and Weijerseikhout was very straightforward. Weijerseikhout gives Qooling an 8 out of 10. One of the reasons is the quick answers and support that is always willing to help. The platform is recommended to companies that want and need to improve their QHSE. Weijerseikhout states that the price-quality ratio of Qooling is good and that the platform does exactly what is expected.

“Quality and safety is now getting more attention within Weijerseikhout because of the implementation of the Qooling QHSE management platform.”

Tim van Uden

Process Lead

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