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About DL Logistics

DL Logistics Group BV is a company with passion for logistics. They enjoy to take care of the logistic “burden”​ of their customers. With more than 80 passionate and very experienced FTE they take care of transport, sea freight and air freight, all from and to their own warehouses. 

In total they have 50.000 square meters (538.1955 square feet) warehouse divided over 6 locations in the west of The Netherlands. Each location has his own specialty (dangerous goods, cold stores and regular cargo) and therefore they are the best partner for every company who want to focus on his strength and let us take care of the logistics.

Industry: Logistics
Company size: SME
Location: The Netherlands
Standards: AEO, SKAL, BRC and IFS
Implementation time: 8 Weeks

How DL Logistics Centralized QHSE Management for Different Locations

DL Logistics had its quality management system set up in MS Office before it switched to the online Qooling QHSE management platform. Forms were filled out on paper, scanned into PDFs, and uploaded into their quality management system.

This method of work and the associated processes were cumbersome, causing reports and follow-ups to be complicated. Incomplete forms and sometimes even missing data were common before audits.

DL Logistics was seeking a solution that would allow different quality management tools to be located centrally on a single platform. They were looking for a solution that could be used by everyone in the company, from the forklift operator to the management, and they found it in the Qooling platform.

Structure, Overview, and Insights To Take Data-Driven Decisions

Qooling’s user-friendliness has enabled more people to create issues and get notifications. More reports and registrations result in more data, which allows for better analyses. DL Logistics became much more data-driven as a result of these findings being used as input for the management review.

With Qooling, all data is centralized and available to all users. This produces a far better overall picture and knowledge for making the best choices. The auditors are equally excited about how everything is in one place, as it’s easy to access. The QHSE management platform provides a lot of insight which also greatly streamlines the auditing procedure. DL Logistics is now always audit-ready.

Started Small on 1 Location & Implemented in 4 Weeks

The Qooling platform was successfully implemented, and the Qooling team provided excellent customer service. One location launched a test program first, and afterward, other divisions joined in. The implementation is going well across all locations. Maintaining strong employee involvement for “quality” is an ongoing task. It took roughly four weeks to implement the Qooling system after some fine-tuning. The pilot was carried out in 2021.

"With Qooling, all information is centrally stored and accessible to everyone. This creates a much better overview and insight for the right decisions."

Petra Rutjens

Quality Control

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