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About Maat

MAAT is an all-around logistics service company in The Netherlands with seven locations. MAAT takes care of the entire logistics process. From exceptional transport and the storage and transfer of goods to fleet maintenance and the sale and rental of forklifts. It all started in 1935 as a small transport company and over time, grew to a large company. Our expertise is within exceptional transport, contract transport, all possible services concerning internal means of transport and company cars, warehousing and truck parking.

Industry: Logistics
Company size: MKB
Location: The Netherlands

Standards: ISO 9001, VCA*
Implementation time: 1 month

Moving Maat from Sharepoint to Qooling

Before making the choice to move onto the Qooling Platform, Maat Logistics used Sharepoint for their QHSE Management. Sharepoint is part of the Microsoft Office family and MAAT used it primarily as an intranet. The disadvantages MAAT experienced of Sharepoint were mainly that the structure wasn’t clear. Also, while using Sharepoint, all the Quality and Safety Management documents were still available on hardcopy.

The simple structure, usability and possibility to create online forms and checklists made MAAT decide to go for Qooling. The mobile app is a great benefit for them with lots of people outside the office. Also the ease-of-use makes QHSE Management much simpler and easily accessible by anybody that needs to find the information.

Continuous Improvement

MAAT is continuously improving the way we utilize Qooling. MAAT was looking for a simpler solution to make the written processes available, the option for digital forms to be filled in and a dashboard as a basis for every user to find what he or she needs. A positive addition on Qooling is the option to distribute tasks and manage them from one single point. This feature is used to plan the improvements.

Implementation Process

The old management system was mainly a plain document one. MAAT implemented this Management System within Qooling. The most updated version is now available to the team. Next to the procedure, several digital checklists and forms are created to capture the required data from the work field. All this data can now be analyzed.

Qooling Staff

The Qooling staff are very friendly, open and experts in what they are doing. Within MAAT, everyone knows what they need to do with Qooling and understand it. Maat gives Qooling an 8 out of 10. It stands for usability and clear structure.

”The Qooling staff are very friendly, open and experts in what they are doing"

Paul Molenaar

Quality & Safety Manager

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