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About CMF

CMF strives to be unique in the world of waste recycling for a very specific segment by providing an all-in waste handling service in-line with rules and regulations. At CMF we are confident that the environmental impact of hazardous waste can be reduced to a minimum. Therefore CMF has a very transparent business approach from waste recycling raw materials, building materials and / or new products.

Industry: Waste Management
Company size: SME
Location: The Netherlands

Standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001/ISO45001
Implementation time: 1 month

Moving CMF to an Online Platform

Before using Qooling, an era CMF can hardly remember, CMF had a bunch of different paper-based manuals. CMF was barely able to have some form of continuous improvement, which hardly had positive outcomes and took a lot of time. Another big disadvantage of the paper-based manual was that the information was already outdated before everybody had found it. Plus the information wasn’t readily available 24/7.

The most important aspect for CMF was the, “What you see is what you get” vibe of Qooling. There have been many other companies showing their solutions. However, for most of them, you needed a PhD in ICT or Mathematics to find your way around the solution. Qooling has a very straightforward and easy to use interface.

Employee engangement

All the important information is now easily shareable in real-time. The employees aren’t overwhelmed with information that they cannot act upon. By using the Tasks in Qooling, it is very open to see who is doing what. This leads to great conversations and innovative solutions come up with by the employees. Qooling doesn’t only make managing tasks easier, also thanks to the automated reminders, a lot more things get done at CMF.

Qooling not only helps with improvement within the company, the audits also go a lot smoother. The Quality of the products is so much easier to manage. Particularly during the external audits, the auditors can easily see how good CMF is doing and how it is improving. However, the most important accomplishment is the improvement in employee engagement. The employees really are a part of the Quality Management system.

The start

CMF started off with managing its tools and equipment. Over the course of time, the other modules utilized the other features as well. Now the complete manuals are updated and managed on Qooling. This allows CMF to make a fresh start with all the updated documents.

Qooling Staff

The collaboration with Qooling goes very well. Qooling responds quickly to support requests. Thanks to the close collaboration feature request added to Qooling. Furthermore, Qooling is very user-friendly on multiple levels. It is an excellent system to generate all kinds of management information. SME and bigger companies will benefit a lot by using Qooling.

“Grow together, there is a lot of fun in that“

Sanne Mokveld

SHEQ Manager

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