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About Versteijnen

Versteijnen specializes in smart solutions for transport and warehousing. Creating added value is a basic premise for each and every service offered to their customers. No matter the nature, scope or diversity of the order. They assign the highest priority to going that extra mile, never hesitating to accept a complex order! As soon as an order becomes more complicated, Versteijnen’s added value becomes more evident.

Industry: Logistics
Company size: Medium Size
Location: The Netherlands

Standards: ISO 9001, BRZO
Implementation time: ongoing process

Moving to an Online Platform

Just like many other companies, Versteijnen mainly used Word and Excel to keep up the QHSE management system. In addition to these programs, they also used Perceptive. This program is suitable for making process diagrams, but it no longer suits their current way of working. Versteijnen chose Qooling because they were looking for a system that had an interactive task list and that a link could be made to procedures for tasks and forms. Another plus of Qooling for Versteijnen is that documents are automatically secured, this is not the case with Word and Excel.

More Guidance

Qooling has improved the QHSE management system at Versteijnen. There is now more guidance from the system and the work is less complicated. This is also reflected in the audits. Auditors respond positively to Qooling and see the added value in the system at Versteijnen. In addition, the analysis of deviations works fine and they add a lot of value for Verstijnen to improve their processes.

Implementing Qooling

The implementation process at Versteijnen is an ongoing process. They are going to use more and more features within the Qooling platform and try to use more functions of Qooling. The guidance from the Qooling team during the implementation was excellent and the program is user-friendly. Implementing the procedures and old documents in Qooling was extremely easy.

Qooling Staff

The cooperation with Qooling is always outstanding, according to Versteijnen. The Qooling team responds quickly to questions and is always willing to help. Versteijnen is very positive about Qooling, especially the ease of use. That’s why they give Qooling a 9 out of 10.

"Quick responses to questions and the team is always ready to help”

Frank Kriellaars

QHSE Officer

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