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About R.M.I. Global Logistic Services

R.M.I. Global Logistic Services is a European organization engaged in operating tank containers with chemical or food cargo. They operate the containers by means of road, rail and sea. The company continuously follows the market developments and focuses on cost-efficiency and innovation to provide the best logistical management solutions for their customers.

Industry: Logistics
Company size: Medium Size
Location: Rotterdam

Standards: BRZO, ISO9001, SGS, GMP, AEO
Implementation time: 2 months

Moving R.M.I. Global Logistics Services to an Online Quality Platform

Clear System

Before Qooling, R.M.I. did not use a clear system that could easily store documents. The directories and folders were used to store the documents, which made finding useful information difficult, like searching for a needle in a haystack. Through the user-friendliness of Qooling, documents can now be easily found and quickly linked. The personal Qooling dashboard enables the organization to provide insight into all information that is important at that moment. This helps the entire organization to work as efficiently as possible. Thanks to the notifications, they will never miss important tasks again. R.M.I. can easily see if they meet the requirements and the KPI objectives.

Improve Together

R.M.I is continuously working on improving organization within the company and arranging Qooling to help with this. During the introduction process, feedback was given to Qooling and processed in the platform. Thanks to the input of R.M.I., the platform has expanded its functionalities, as a work permit form has been added. This new functionality has been used by R.M.I. to take their QHSE to the next level. The cooperation is perfect and R.M.I. and Qooling complement each other where possible.


Qooling is always ready to help. Ease-of-use is paramount during implementation and use, this is not limited to just the purchase. The implementation of the platform took about eight weeks in total. This went smoothly and the users immediately picked it up. The expectation was that the implementation would take quite some time, but the opposite was true, which was obviously a good thing.



R.M.I. gives Qooling an 8 out of 10. The platform is recommended to companies that want and need to improve their QHSE. R.M.I. states that the price-quality ratio of Qooling is good and that the platform does exactly what is expected. The collaboration is also perfect, they complement each other where possible.

'Price-quality ratio of Qooling is good and that the platform does exactly what is expected.'

Peter Ophorst

QHSE Officer

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