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About Patina

Patina designs, constructs, manufactures, preserves, protects and manages flat and pitched roofs. They ensure good planning, clear communication and have short lines of communication with their clients. Patina has all disciplines under one roof.

Industry: Construction
Company size: SME
Location: The Netherlands

Standards: SCC/VCA
Implementation time: 1 month

Moving Patina to an Online Platform

Patina previously used to work with Word and Excel for their Quality and Safety management system. This solution made it very hard to have proper control over the management system. It was quite a hassle to figure who needed to do what by when. Also, the lack of mobile capabilities made it very hard to work with Excel and Word. The lack of a mobile app made it difficult for people in the field to contribute to the QHSE management system. These challenges are now all taken away by moving to the platform

Improve with the Platform

The platform helps Patina a lot in improving the quality and safety but also the awareness within the company. Every important aspect of the management system is easy to find for employees. Furthermore, thanks to the vast amount of data that is generated, they can do much more elaborate analyses. Patina connected Qooling to their internal BI dashboard to enhance the data with other data sources such as ERP for even stronger analyses.

The use of the platform also helps a lot during audits. All the information can be showcased by a couple of clicks to make the audits go so much smoother. There is no need to prepare everything weeks if not months in advance. This way, Patina is always ready for an audit.

Last but not least, Qooling allows Patina to have better insight in its cost of quality. Thanks to the easy way to register issues, there is much more data available on the costs of quality. By then analyzing the root cause, Patina is able to reduce the costs of quality significantly.

Up and Running

The Qooling Team helped the organization with getting up to speed with the platform, mainly with some training of key users. After the training, the team was able to put the finishing touches on their management system and start training staff. The implementation went without any hiccups and was done in just a couple of weeks. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface, Patina was able to have things up and running quickly.

Qooling Staff

The team has a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of QHSE. This allowed for lots of applicable tips and tricks during implementation but also while we are using the platform. Their exposure to hundreds of organizations allows Patina to leverage that knowledge and cherry-pick those pieces that are valuable for us. Patina would most definitely recommend Qooling and score it a 9 out of 10.

“ Thanks to Qooling, we no longer have to prepare for weeks before an audit.“

Max Kwantes

Branch Manager

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