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About Bertschi

Bertschi B.V. is the Dutch branch of Bertschi AG and entails four terminals. Bertschi AG specializes in logistics services for liquids and solid bulk products for the chemical industry. Building upon its dense European network of terminals and subsidiaries, the company has expanded geographically to become a leading global provider of tank container transport for the chemical industry. As a pioneer in transalpine intermodal transport, Bertschi AG also leads the way when it comes to sustainability in freight transportation. This is underlined by the company’s position as a market leader in intermodal chemical transport on rail and water in Europe, eliminating thousands of road transport kilometers each year.

Industry: Logistics
Company size: Enterprise
Location: The Netherlands

Standards: BRZO
Implementation time: 2 months

Moving to an Online QHSE Platform

Bertschi previously mainly worked with Word and Excel for their safety management system. This solution prevented Bertschi from creating an interactive and interlinked management system. The approach wasn’t smooth enough, which made it very hard for employees to find the right documentation and information. Furthermore, Bertschi struggled to perform good data analysis in a quick and smart way to find where it could improve. Overall, the Word and Excel approach prevented Bertschi from including everybody in the safety management.

Improve with the Platform

Thanks to Qooling, everybody within Bertschi has become part of the safety management system. Everyone can easily find the information and documentation required for their job, as well as the interaction between the processes. The ease-of-use has increased the flow of incidents because everybody can easily report one. When it is reported, the platform allows for transparent reporting and traceability. On top of that, these improvements can be ensured by means of the platform.

A great improvement for Bertschi is the easiness with which proof can be traced and proven during audits. Their information is always present and can be found with just a couple of clicks. Along these lines, the ability to analyze this data allows Bertschi to really build evidence-based improvement plans.

Everybody in the organization, from directors to yard workers, is happy with how they can leverage the Qooling app. Every employee can easily have an insight into the processes while being able to easily fill out a checklist with a mobile device.

Up and Running

The implementation took a bit longer than anticipated because Bertschi took the decision to also clean up and align the safety management system in parallel to implementing Qooling. However, when the safety management system was smooth, implementing Qooling went pretty fast, around 2 months. It took Bertschi a day or so to get familiar with the checklist builder, after which everything went pretty smoothly. It took a couple of weeks to introduce it to the people in the yard and make them familiar with the app.

Qooling Staff

When Bertschi gets stuck, there is a very prompt response on how to solve it. Furthermore, the Qooling specialist really helps out when something can be improved, not just when it comes to the platform but also when it comes to how a process goes. They are able to think together with you on how certain processes can be improved by leveraging the technology. Bertschi scores Qooling with a 9 out of 10 for their technology and services.

“From the workers who fill in the checklists up to the directors, everyone is happy with the platform.“

Jeroen Staneke

SHEQ Manager

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