Mammoet Road Cargo

About Mammoet Road Cargo

Mammoet Road Cargo focuses entirely on exceptional road transport in Europe. From a single crate of parts to complete aircraft engines. That is where their strength lies. They set high standards, every single day. They believe things can always be improved because Mammoet Road Cargo has a high-performance culture!

That drive has melted within the atmosphere and attitude of a family firm. Their staff makes the difference. Mutual cooperation and cooperation with their clients is crucial because it is as a team that they perform at the highest level. As an added value to their customers, they focus on warehousing and freight management in addition to exceptional transport.

Industry: Logistics
Company size: SME
Location: The Netherlands

Standards: ISO 9001, SCC
Implementation time: 2 months

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Moving to an Online Platform

Mammoet Road Cargo previously worked mainly with Word, Excel, and Visio, in a server-based management system. This approach was very time-consuming and prone to mistakes. The manual activity increased the likelihood of missing something. Also, this approach was very labor-intensive, especially when information and documents needed to be found. Furthermore, managing the Corrective and Preventive actions wasn’t that straightforward, especially the ones that came out of certain checks and safety walks. In order to solve all this, Mammoet Road Cargo was looking for an easy-to-use platform that aggregated all the QHSE information and data.

Improve with the Platform

Thanks to the integrated management system, everything is always up to date now. The platform is very easily customizable, allowing Mammoet Road Cargo to quickly adjust checklists and procedures when required. This leads to an always up-to-date management system that can basically be audited anytime. Thanks to this, the audits go a lot smoother, and it is simple to show auditors how the different standards are embedded in the management system. Also, the ability to create digital toolbox meetings brings lots of value. Simply creating a toolbox with some additional questions allows Mammoet Road Cargo to easily and quickly train their employees on certain safety aspects.

Up and Running

The implementation went pretty well. The first approach was for the QHSE Manager and operations to do it all by themselves, but this got stuck due to time constraints in the operations. Hence, Mammoet Road Cargo hired a project manager to help with implementing the Qooling platform. Along with the Qooling team, the Project Manager was able to get everything implemented in about a month. After which there was some additional time to train all the other staff.

Qooling Staff

The support from the Qooling team is excellent; when there is a question, there is always a prompt response. Furthermore, the Qooling consultant really helped out during the implementation and guided us on how to get the most out of the platform. We are still constantly improving and leveraging new parts of the platform. During this process, the Qooling team supports what to do best.” Mammoet Road Cargo scores Qooling with a 10 out of 10 for their technology and services.

“Qooling is very easy-to-use, which leads to high adoption within the organization because they can all leverage the way that suits them the most.”

Natascha Koevoets


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