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Estron Group, Your logistics supplier. Estron Group is an all-round logistic supplier. The company has grown to a middle-sized company in the center of the Rotterdam Port area. Estron is a logistic supplier offering Transport, Warehousing, Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Forwarding and Barge activities for their customers, based worldwide. By investing frequently in assets, its worldwide network and own offices Estron Group became a well-known player in the supply chain.

Industry: Logistics
Company size: SME
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Standards: BRZO
Implementation time: 2 weeks

Lack of overview

Estron Group was one of many companies who used Word and Excel to keep up with the Quality Management system. The problem within Estron was the many lists, procedures and work instructions about various activities and particularly the lack of overview in the Microsoft products. Employees made reports via notes, WhatsApp, email or verbally. The overview wasn’t there, but now thanks to Qooling, everything goes through one platform. The choice to use Qooling was mainly due to the user-friendliness, the clear presentation and the amount of time it saves.

Everything on one platform

Qooling ensures that the Quality system runs on one platform, which means that Estron monitors the Quality and Safety better. They also have an improved insight into all procedures and work instructions. Because everything is now transparent, they can easily measure the data and analyze it. These analyses show where the bottlenecks are and are then communicated to the staff via a toolbox meeting.

Estron does this not only to personnel, but also to the customers and/or suppliers in order to improve the processes. This way, Estron has a very professional approach towards their stakeholders, because everything has become more transparent.

Help from Qooling

It took some time to implement Qooling, but with the excellent help from the Qooling team, it went smoothly. Overall, the implementation took about two weeks, but Estron has been improving the Quality and Safety system for months. Qooling is a “living” system and much different from the old fashioned directories.

The help of Qooling was not only excellent during implementation; the employees are also very cooperative. The team finds a solution for almost everything and questions are answered immediately. At this moment Qooling is implemented in all departments, because the employees within Estron are so enthusiastic about the Quality platform.

"Qooling gives us a professional appearance towards, for example, government agencies."

Marcel Krikken

Security adviser

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