Incident Management

Managing incidents in a structured manner in a HSE management system on a HSE management platform.

Incidents are a key part of a world-class HSE management system. Our Qooling platform structures and manages all the incidents, which reduces the lead time. The out-of-the-box analytics allow you to spot trends right away and start improvement steps.


Find out why certain unsafe situations happened and prevent them from happening again. Create a risk-free workplace and have employees go home safely.

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CAPA Management Solution with Qooling QHSE Management platform

Reduce Friction

Make it easy for employees to file an incident or unsafe situation. With our user-friendly mobile app you reduce the friction


Give employees a simple way of feedback and what action has been taken by the company in reported unsafe situations


Divide the critical CAPAs to prevent incidents from happening again

Due Dates

Never miss a task get notified when due dates missed


Analyze the data and find patterns to improve processes with custom dashboards


Always find the root cause of why something went wrong with the different integrated methods like the “5 Whys”


Have all documents related to an incident in one place. No more searching for documents in different locations

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"Quality and Safety is super important for GAC NL. Our goal was for all employees to play an active role in our management system, and with Qooling this certainly succeeded!"

Ferry BruggelingQHSE Manager at GAC




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Solid Partners


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