Safety Management Solutions

Empowering organizations with intuitive tools to proactively manage safety, streamline compliance, and drive a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Streamline risk assessments and hazard identification.
  • Effortlessly report, investigate, and prevent incidents.
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards.
  • Manage employee training and competence effectively.
  • Simplify document control and access to safety procedures.
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CAPA Management Solution with Qooling QHSE Management platform

Benefits of Choosing Qooling for Your Safety Management Needs

Quality Management Solution

Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification

Qooling provides a comprehensive platform for conducting risk assessments and identifying hazards. It offers customizable templates and forms to streamline the risk assessment process. Users can easily document and categorize hazards, assign risk levels, and track mitigation measures. Qooling also allows for real-time collaboration and ensures that all stakeholders have visibility into identified risks and their associated controls.

Incident Reporting and Investigation

With Qooling, incident reporting and investigation become effortless. The platform provides intuitive incident reporting forms that capture all the necessary details. Users can track incidents throughout the investigation process, assign responsibilities, and record corrective actions taken. Qooling’s analytics and reporting capabilities enable organizations to identify trends, identify recurring issues, and implement proactive measures to prevent future incidents.

Compliance Management

Qooling offers compliance checklists and workflows, allowing users to ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards. The platform facilitates audits and inspections by providing easy access to required documentation and evidence.

Training and Competence Management

Qooling assists in managing employee training. It provides a comprehensive training management module that allows organizations to schedule, track, and document employee training sessions. Users can define training requirements, monitor completion status, and generate reports.

Document Control and Safety Procedures

Qooling offers robust document control capabilities, ensuring that safety procedures and documents are efficiently managed. The platform provides a centralized repository for documents, making them easily accessible to authorized users. Qooling supports version control, ensuring that employees have access to the latest revisions of safety procedures and manuals. It also facilitates document review workflows, approvals, and notifications, ensuring proper documentation management practices.

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Safety Management Certificates

Qooling supports a wide range of Safety Management certificates to ensure your organization meets the highest industry standards:

Trusted by Industry Leaders

"Quality and Safety is super important for GAC NL. Our goal was for all employees to play an active role in our management system, and with Qooling this certainly succeeded!"

Ferry BruggelingQHSE Manager at GAC

“Partly due to the use of Qooling, we have now been approved by an important customer!"

Lianne de WaalQuality Manager at Airpack








R.M.I. Global Logistics Services

R.M.I. Global Logistics Services


All Safety Management Tools included


Make it easy for employees to file a NCR or Issue with our user friendly mobile app


The Qooling platform completely takes care of version control for you with automated document control


Divide the critical CAPA’s to prevent certain NCR’s or Issues from happening again


Always be ready for an audit. Create an auditplan within hours


Get notified when inspection or calibration needed. No more unsafe tools

Check lists

Create own flexible check list with a simple drag and drop


Create own surveys with a simple drag and drop


Create own online training and distribute within the company


Allows you to easily create customizable forms by selecting a template, making it ready for immediate use in meeting your quality requirements.


Overview of employees, including roles, job descriptions, training attendance, and advanced features like search, filtering, and crosstable creation.


A centralized hub for QHSE performance data, aggregating and presenting graphs of tasks and issues.

Manage Your Safety with Qooling

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