Quality Control

By streamlining the procedures with the Qooling quality management platform, the product quality can be increased or maintained.

Qooling’s quality control system generates safe procedures that may be used to ensure that clients do not receive defective or damaged goods.

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CAPA Management Solution with Qooling QHSE Management platform

Checks & Tests

Perform checks & tests to ensure that everything is in compliance with the requirements for the finished product.

Quality Control Methods

Utilize several methods for quality control within Qooling


Establish safety measures that can be used to ensure that clients do not receive defective or damaged goods

Due Dates

Never miss a task and get notified when due dates are missed


Analyze the data and find patterns to improve processes with custom dashboards


Get a dashboard with structured tasks for employees handle


You get a centralized overview of all the tasks. All employees can see the status of a task

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Qooling is very easy-to-use, which leads to high adoption within the organization because they can all leverage the way that suits them the most.

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The Hitma Group

The Hitma Group


Mammoet Road Cargo

Mammoet Road Cargo


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