Qooling is very easy-to-use, which leads to high adoption within the organization because they can all leverage the way that suits them the most.

Natascha KoevoetsDirector at Mammoet Road Cargo
Qooling is your online management system
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Take control of your management system

Issue Management

No longer miss out on any issues. With Qooling, each member of your team can easily create a nonconformity report by taking a picture with their phone.

  • Involve your team
  • Improve where it matters
  • Easily manage and solve issues
Handle issues like a pro

Document Management

Stop the risk of having outdated procedures or work-instructions. The Qooling platform completely takes care of version control for you, making sure everyone always has the right version. Qooling procedures comes with a number of cool features.

  • Built-in flowcharts creator
  • Authorization management
  • Department level access management
  • Automated document control


Audits are a great mechanism to check if your company is functioning as intended and whether improvements can be made. With Qooling, audits are done more efficiently and effectively.

  • Set access rights
  • Create an audit plan
  • Easy NCR management

CAPA Management

Easily manage all corrective and preventive actions within the organization. The easy to use filters allow you to find the most important actions the company is working on.

  • Manage due dates
  • Easily analyze actions
  • Custom filters

Equipment Management

Never miss out on a tool that needs to be calibrated or inspected. Easily plan due dates and track maintenance of the tools.

  • Notifications when inspection is needed
  • Complete inspection/maintenance history
  • Assign tools to users

Flexible Forms

Create your own internal checklists and forms with a simple drag and drop of the fields you need. The automated version control guarantees the use of only the latest version by employees.

  • Set access rights
  • All forms are version controlled
  • Create your own, no consultant required


Satisfied customers and employees are the lifeline of every company. Create open surveys to actually measure company performance.

  • Drag and drop survey creation
  • Graphical dashboards
  • Automated e-mail distributions

Online Training

Qooling is the easiest way to continuesly train the team. Create your own online training and distribute it within the company.

Ideal for

  • Digital Toolbox meetings
  • (Food) Safety training
  • Site safety instructions
  • New employee instructions
E-learning on Qooling

Customer cases

The best way to let you know how Qooling can benefit your company.
Is to show how other customers benefit from using the platform.


– Oil & Energy –

“Allseas mainly used Excel for their Quality Management System. Excel wasn’t really a stable solution. Especially when several people were working on a document at the same time, Excel caused problems. Allseas chose Qooling because they needed a technical developer who could help them with these problems. Besides that, Allseas wanted a platform that delivers as much output as possible, with as little input as possible. They found that Qooling succeeded in this.”

Bolt Threads

– Materials  –

“Bolt Threads was looking for a single platform to consolidate their initiatives of Document Control, Safety and Quality Issue Tracking, Training Management, and Asset Management. Prior to Qooling, they used a combination of google sheets, and cloud storage services to achieve these initiatives. In addition to offering a consolidated platform, Qooling was highly customizable for the needs of Bolt Threads, offered responsive customer support, and presented a user-friendly interface.”


– Logistics & Energy –

“Bertschi previously mainly worked with Word and Excel for their safety management system. This solution prevented Bertschi from creating an interactive and interlinked management system. The approach wasn’t smooth enough, which made it very hard for employees to find the right documentation and information. Furthermore, Bertschi struggled to perform good data analysis in a quick and smart way to find where it could improve. Overall, the Word and Excel approach prevented Bertschi from including everybody in the safety management.”

Team Member Qooling Mark van den Oever

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    Our story

    At Qooling, we believe that Quality is everybody’s responsibility and therefore should be rooted in the DNA of any organization. 

    This goal can only be achieved if all employees have an active role in the management system, hence user-friendliness is key. Qooling ensures that every employee can easily contribute to the culture.