The Safety Platform for Logistics Companies

  • Empower Your Employees: Embed Safety deep into the company culture
  • Improve Safety with Data: Leverage real-time data to pro-actively improve safety in the company
  • Take out the complexity: Give the Safety Management System in the palm of their hands
  • Efficiency: Automate all the mundane administrative tasks
  • Compliance: Stay compliant 365 days a year
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How Qooling helps you

SOP Management

Revolutionizing SOP management by ensuring clear ownership of each process, integrating essential documents directly with their relevant procedures, and offering a user-friendly system that makes finding processes fast and effortless.

Safety Walks

Our platform enables you to meticulously plan your safety walks, ensuring that no corner of your operation goes unchecked. With the added convenience of setting up reminders, you can maintain a rigorous safety schedule, reinforcing a proactive safety culture that prioritizes prevention and preparedness.

Audit Management

Our intuitive platform facilitates a structured approach to audits, enabling you to plan with ease and align your audits perfectly with your operational needs. With Qooling, audits become less about ticking boxes and more about driving continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Incident Management

Turning incident data into actionable insights. Guides you through comprehensive resolution processes. Delve into the heart of each incident with our risk-dependent root cause analysis toolkit, featuring versatile methodologies such as 5 Whys, Fishbone diagrams, and 8D reports.

Training & Development

Our platform simplifies setting up and scheduling both remote and in-person training sessions, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in delivering essential knowledge. Automated reminders keep your team on track, guaranteeing that no one misses out on crucial learning opportunities.

Risk Management

Our platform delivers a dynamic root cause analysis suite tailored to the level of risk, equipping you with a robust set of tools including 5 Whys, Fishbone diagrams, and 8D processes.


Easily organize and standardize your HSE Management among different locations. Create one way of working for all locations and companies within your organization. Leverage data from the different locations to support strategic decision-making.

Certificates and Federations from our customers

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Iso 14001 certificate EHS Management
BRGS certificate - food safety management
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From the workers who fill in the checklists up to the directors, everyone is happy with the platform.

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