SOP Management in the Logistics Industry with Qooling

Efficient SOP Creation

  • Diverse Document Creation: From Freight Handling Guidelines to Vehicle Upkeep Standards, Qooling caters to all documentation requirements.
  • Enhanced Procedure Attachments: Integrate key supportive materials such as route diagrams, gear manuals, or MSDS for risky substances.

Ensuring Responsibility Across Stakeholders

  • SOP Ownership Distribution: Assign specific SOP duties to relevant sectors or third-party logistics allies, fostering a culture of mutual accountability and adherence.
  • Ongoing Surveillance: Utilize Qooling’s top-notch audit features for regular checks, ensuring timely interventions with a CAPA-focused method.

Adherence to Standards & Compliance

  • Easy Compliance Alignment: Seamlessly match compliance lists with global standards such as ISO 28000 for Cargo Security or ISO 39001 for Roadway Safety.
  • Trackable Compliance Evidence: Keep traceable Proof of Delivery (POD) and Chain of Custody (CoC) logs, ticking off vital compliance points.

Streamlined Change Management

  • Document Oversight: Keep pace with evolving logistics demands using strict version oversight. Authorized revisions are immediately reflected, preventing miscommunication and operational delays.
sop management in the logistics industry

SOP Management with Qooling

Logistics Industry Modules in Qooling

Issue Management

  • Involve your team
  • Improve where it matters
  • Easily manage and solve issues

Document Management

  • Built-in flowchart creator
  • Authorization management
  • Dept.-level access management
  • Automated document control
  • Document version control


  • Set access rights
  • Create an audit plan
  • Easy NCR management

Risk Management

  • Reduce lots of recalls or production deviations.
  • Support of different risk assessment methodologies

Compliance Management

  • Necessary audit trails
  • Complete inspection history
  • Automate tasks


  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Centralizes QHSE data
  • Enables QHSE performance
  • Promotes shared responsibility

"From the workers who fill in the checklists up to the directors, everyone is happy with the platform."

Jeroen S.Bertschi

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