CAPA Management in the Logistics Industry with Qooling

Prompt Incident Reporting for Efficient Logistics

  • Instant Alerts for Delivery Issues: Qooling ensures immediate notifications for challenges like last-mile delivery glitches or misplaced shipments, promoting swift corrective measures.
  • Unified Incident Dashboard: Easily access consolidated reports, from cross-border regulatory breaches to equipment check failures, all in one place.

Root Cause Analysis for Logistics Challenges

  • Powerful Analytical Tools: Dive deep into the causes of frequent delivery delays, missing shipments, or vendor compliance lapses. Qooling’s tools pinpoint systemic issues.
  • Data-Powered Insights: Harness accumulated data to spot trends, proactively recognizing potential hurdles.

Enhancing Collaboration with Stakeholders in Logistics

  • Collaborative Action Plans: Qooling fosters teamwork when third-party vendors or subcontractors are part of a CAPA, ensuring synchronized efforts.
  • Track Vendor Performance: Keep an eye on third-party compliance and performance, reducing risks from recurring non-conformities.

Ensuring Compliance in Global Logistics

  • Region-Specific Compliance Tools: Navigating diverse regional and global regulations is simpler with Qooling. Set CAPAs tailored to specific regional rules for comprehensive adherence.
  • Be Audit-Ready: Maintain auditable CAPA logs and stay prepared for sudden regulatory checks or stakeholder audits.

Adaptable Solutions for Evolving Logistics Needs

  • Adaptive CAPA Templates: As logistics challenges evolve, Qooling’s flexible CAPA templates ensure you’re always ready.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Gather consistent feedback from field staff, refining CAPA tactics over time.
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CAPA Management with Qooling

Logistics Industry Modules in Qooling

Issue Management

  • Involve your team
  • Improve where it matters
  • Easily manage and solve issues

Document Management

  • Built-in flowchart creator
  • Authorization management
  • Dept.-level access management
  • Automated document control
  • Document version control


  • Set access rights
  • Create an audit plan
  • Easy NCR management

Risk Management

  • Reduce lots of recalls or production deviations.
  • Support of different risk assessment methodologies

Compliance Management

  • Necessary audit trails
  • Complete inspection history
  • Automate tasks


  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Centralizes QHSE data
  • Enables QHSE performance
  • Promotes shared responsibility

"I had the platform assessed in several layers of the company to find out how it was received. Partly due to the enthusiasm, I decided that this would be the right medium that suits us"

Willem K.Kornelis

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