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At Qooling, we believe that Quality, Safety and Security is everybody’s responsibility and therefore should be rooted in the DNA of any organization. This approach allows a company to truly leverage the power of Quality, Safety and Security Management. We support the transformation of organizations into a fully integrated Quality, Safety and Security culture. We do this all to help companies to move towards operational excellence.

This goal can only be achieved if all employees have an active role in the management system, hence user-friendliness is key. Qooling ensures that every employee can easily contribute to the culture.

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Valorile noastre

Transparenta, inovatia, convenienta si cunostiintele. Aceste valori de baza asigura o cultura organizationala sanatoasa in Qooling, pe care o demonstram de fiecare data si care ne asigura succesul.


As a transparent organization, we keep all our stakeholders informed. We like to show what happens at Qooling and how the platform improves. Also, within the team, we have an open approach where every employee can find all the company information. Transparency is also incorporated within the platform. An organization can only maintain a good quality, safety and security culture if it is transparent about what is going on.


We continuously develop the platform. Most of our development resources are going towards improving the platform, but we also continue to improve internal processes. The latest available technologies are embedded within the platform to provide our customers with the best tools. This is to ensure that you are always ready for the future. The aim of these innovations is to continuously improve the quality, safety and security systems of our customers.


Ease-of-use is paramount, from the purchase of the product to the implementation and use of Qooling. But it doesn’t stop there. If our customers have any questions during the implementation or are unable to find a solution, we are always here to help. We offer convenience within the platform, but also in the way you can communicate with us. Convenience is not limited to the platform.


At Qooling, we believe we have an obligation to share our knowledge and experience. All our knowledge and experiences are incorporated in the development and implementation of our platform. Furthermore, we regularly post our knowledge on our blog or interview experts for e-books. Of course, this knowledge is available to the world, not just customer of Qooling.

Echipa noastra

The team behind Qooling consists of people with a vast background in creating and managing management systems for a variety of companies. Similarly, the tech team years of experience in developing and maintaining complex business solutions.

In addition, Qooling has an enormous network of specialists in the field of management systems. This ranges from clients to consultants and auditors to specialists. The knowledge of this network comes together within the platform, and is also shared with our customers.

Nick Appel

Nick Appel


Nick are o experienta vasta în dezvoltarea și administrarea sistemelor de management în cadrul companiei Kirloskar Pompen B.V. Activitățile comerciale din cadrul Qooling cad în sarcina lui Nick.

Jerry de Swart


Jerry are o experienta vasta în dezvoltarea infrastructurilor IT scalabile in abile ce îl ajută în construirea sistemului puternic care este Qooling astazi. Jerry este creierul tehnic din spatele Qooling.

Lars van Maanen

Customer Success Manager

Lars are o experienta vasta in optimizarea proceselor de business prin implementarea platformelor de tip Saas. Pregatirea sa ii permite sa gaseasca cele mai bune solutii in functie de situatie. Lars este responsabil de toti clientii nostrii.

Virgil Wongsokario

Marketing Manager

Virgil has years of experience in online marketing. He makes sure every company in the world knows about Qooling and how we can help them with their quality and safety.

Johnny van den bergh Online marketeer of Qooling

Johnny van den Bergh

Implementation Associate

Johnny started as an online marketing intern at Qooling. After the internship, he joined the customer success team to help customers to get the most out of Qooling.

Nick Haitsma - Account Executive at Qooling

Nick Haitsma

Account Executive

Nick discovered his interest in optimizing business processes during his study. With years of experience he consulted companies to acquire the right tools to solve problems and achieve their goals. With passion he is responsible for the commercial activities within Qooling.

Jos Westerkamp 2023 Employee Qooling

Jos Westerkamp

Product Manager

Jos, an experienced Product Owner and Solution consultant for startups and corporates, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Qooling. He has a proven track record of creating and implementing innovative applications with a focus on Customer Experience, Feasibility, and Technology.

Sabine Ripson, customer success manager bij Qooling

Sabine Ripson

Customer Success Manager

Sabine is a Customer Success Manager with approximately 5 years of experience in the CS and SaaS industry. She is energized by helping customers optimize their business processes and being a strategic sparring partner for them. Ultimately, her goal is to ensure that every customer is successful in collaboration with Qooling.

Dilara Unal - Business Development Representative at Qooling Company

Dilara Unal

Business Development Representative

Dilara, a 20-year-old student of Commercial Economics, joins Qooling as a vibrant Business Development Representative. Fueled by a passion for refining her sales skills and skilled in effective communication, she eagerly collaborates with her team to achieve impactful results while upholding genuine client connections.

Front-End developer at Qooling Anderson Lima

Anderson Vieira de Lima

Front-End Developer

Anderson Lima is our talented front-end developer, specialized in transforming ideas into user-friendly features at Qooling. His approach to easily maintainable and understandable solutions is crucial for our platform’s current and future success. Outside the office, Anderson enjoys watching football, dining out, and catching the latest movies to unwind.

Back-End Developer at Qooling Daniel de azevedo

Daniel de Azevedo

Back-End Developer

Daniel de Azevedo is our skilled back-end developer, adept at solving problems and optimizing project flows at Qooling. His expertise is vital in fortifying our technological backbone. Away from the screen, Daniel’s love for travel keeps him recharged and inspired.

Jean Silva delivery manager at Qooling

Jean Silva

Delivery Manager

Jean Silva serves as our delivery manager, ensuring timely and effective product rollouts at Qooling. His expertise in orchestrating delivery processes is essential to our operation. When he’s not overseeing deliverables, Jean finds his balance through CrossFit and hiking.

Steef Klop Advisor of Qooling

Steef Klop

Strategic Advisor

Steef acts a Strategic Advisor to Qooling. He has vast experience in guiding and advising privately owned business as a former Partner at PWC. This knowledge and experience he leverage to advise start-ups and scale ups.

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