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  • All the best tools on one platform
  • Structure your management system
  • Insight through analyses
  • Collaborate with colleagues & external experts
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Qooling will bring structure to the management system. Providing a structured platform will remove a lot of frustration for the employees.

  • Manage due dates
  • Easily analyse actions
  • Custom filters
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Every employee can find everything they need to know. When they can’t find what they need, it prevents them from doing their job and introduces lots of communication errors.

  • Involve your team
  • Improve where it matters
  • Easily manage and solve issues
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In Control

Compliance processes are covered in the platform and triggers are set when the expiration of important actions are coming up. This will allow for better preparation for audits.

  • Set access rights
  • Create an audit plan
  • Easy NCR management
  • Built-in flowcharts creator
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Data-Driven Decision Making

Improve the organization based on actual data. The lower barrier to engage with the management system will increase the amount of data gathered.

  • Authorization management
  • Department level access management
  • Automated document control
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Employees can see what the company is doing, how it is doing and how it improves. This creates higher engagement and allows people to help the company move forward.

  • Notifications when inspection is needed
  • Complete inspection/maintenance history
  • Assign tools to users
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Nick Appel

Our story

At Qooling, we believe that Quality, Safety and Security is everybody’s responsibility and therefore should be rooted in the DNA of any organization. 

This goal can only be achieved if all employees have an active role in the management system, hence user-friendliness is key. Qooling ensures that every employee can easily contribute to the culture.

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