QHSE management software for Logistics

The Qooling platform for logistics enables companies to embed excellence in every process, whether employees are at the office or on site. With our intuitive and user-friendly technology you can manage operations more effectively while reducing administrative burdens that come with it! Our goal is simple: optimize your overall productivity so get things done right when they need attention most - because there isn't always enough time as it currently stands

Qooling Quality Management Software For Manufacturing Enables Companies To Embed Excellence In Every Process Whether Employees Are Located Wherever

Trusted by leading companies within logistics

QHSE in logistics

Unlock new possibilities to improve

Qooling is packed with all the tools and features you need to organize, structure and maintain the QHSE of your logistics organization.

Issue Management

  • Involve your team
  • Improve where it matters
  • Easily manage and solve issues

Document Management

  • Built-in flowchart creator
  • Authorization management
  • Department level access management
  • Automated document control
  • Document version control


  • Set access rights
  • Create an audit plan
  • Easy NCR management

CAPA Management

  • Manage due dates
  • Easily analyze actions
  • Custom filters

Equipment Management

  • Notifications when inspection is needed
  • Complete inspection/maintenance history
  • Assign tools to users

Flexible Forms

  • Set access rights
  • All forms are version controlled
  • Create your own, no consultant required


  • Drag and drop survey creation
  • Graphical dashboards
  • Automated e-mail distributions

Online Training

  • Digital Toolbox meetings
  • (Food) Safety training
  • Site safety instructions
  • New employee instructions
Qooling is an All-in-one QHSE Solution

All-in-one QHSE solution

Regardless of the goods you transport, having a world class QHSE management system is key. Whether you move dangerous goods, exclusive cars or food. Qooling offers all the tools you need on a single platform to bring your QHSE to the next level.

Qooling is easy-to-use and makes involving your team more accessible

Easy to use

Continuous improvement can only be accomplished by involving your entire team. That's why Qooling is build to engage your employees with intuitive tools that are easy-to-use for everyone, anywhere and anytime.

Qooling is available on Desktop, iOS & Android

Used by leading organisations within logistics


Learn about the
true costs of safety

Understand the QHSE performance of your organization, issue costs and involvement of staff via near real-time data.

See the true costs of customer incidents


Involve your team
to improve your organization

By letting your staff participate in the quality and safety of your organisation, you can unlock the true potential of a good QHSE system.

Engage your team to improve your organization

Ready to see the platform?

Make excessive paperwork be a thing of the past