The Future

The world is changing rapidly and the systems companies use to run their processes should be able to change along with it.

At Qooling, we believe that companies can get a lot more out of their management if they use the right platform. We support companies transform from just being compliant to getting real value out of the management system. This is reach by slowly moving towards operational excellence and with data as the main driver to reach this. We are fully aware this can only be established when companies are able to make sure the complete company participates. Our easy to use interface takes care of this in combination with the mobile app. You can only move forward together.

Qooling's Story

Quality and Safety management or compliance management in general has been the “problem” of the respectively departments for decades. However, with the wide adoption of the internet and the transparency that came with it it became apparent that it should be embedded in the fibers of the company. Big mistakes end up on the internet more often than not.

This mind set is getting better and better understood within companies but also across boardrooms. However, there is a big lack of options to really facilitate this.

The Past

Even though Quality and Safety management and compliance management in more general is gaining importance still moest companies run it with ancient systems. Information and data is compartmentalized in different systems and even Word and Excel documents. The net effect is that the management becomes the sole responsibility of the quality department. They need to gather all the information when they have to check how the company is operating. Data is more often than not incomplete, missing or simply not even existing. This leads to a lot of manual work to regain control of the situation and to stay compliant.

  • Hard to analyse
  • Compliance Department focused
  • Data on multiple locations
  • Duplication of Data
  • Vast manual actions

To change the current way of working it is crucial to break the silos and allow data to flow from one applications into the other. This opens up a lot of opportunities for the employees to share their knowledge and help bring the company to the next level. Make sure you leave the past behind and move to the future.

The future

To really get quality and safety in the fabrics of the organization it is important to enable the employees to interact with the management systems whenever they feel like it. A single platform is crucial in reaching this goals. Employees can easily enter important information in the management system regardless of where they are. Also connections with other systems are crucial to enrich the information and perform even better analysis. This way the company can really get a feeling how it can improve their operations.

  • Easy To Analyse
  • Data openness
  • Distributed among the responsible departments
  • Align process based on data
  • Improve operations
  • Access anywhere

The team behind Qooling consists of people with a vast background in managing and creating management systems for a variety of companies. While the technical people have years of experience in developing complex business solutions. On top of the core team we work with a wide network of consultants/partners who can help you with all kind of industry specific question. This combination of people is able to provide the world class solution you deserve.

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